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Our Donors | What People Are Saying

    Our Donors

    KIDSCOPE has been supported by many donations, large and small, all of which have helped us to develop educational materials, distribute them free-of-charge, and continue to explore other innovative ways of supporting children and families coping with a caregiver's cancer. We are appreciative of each donation, as well as the many hearfelt thank-you's we have received from grateful "consumers" by e-mail. We wish to express a special thank-you to our major donors:

    Major Financial Donors
    Foundations or Organizations Individuals or Families
    Dave and Bunny Center Foundation Larry Hahn
    Sara Lee Foundation Doug Matthews
    Bernie Marcus Foundation Robert Hirsch and Family
    Ida Ryan Trust H. Elizabeth King
    Imlay Foundation W. Russell King
    Susan B. Komen Foundation Phil and Nancy Binko
    Zaban Foundation Richard W. Schiffman
    MK Management
    Eliot J. Garber Foundation
    Freeport-McMoRan Foundation
    Covenant Foundation
    Turner Family Charitable Trust

    Major In-Kind Donors
    Burst Video/Film, Inc.
    Diane Williford Steele
    Mysty McLelland
    Dr. Bruce Feinburg (Georgia Cancer Specialists)
    Grey Global Atlanta
    Toby Brown (Seiz Prining, toby.brown@seiz.com)
    Norm Harber (Definition 6, www.definition6.com)
    Debra Spector (Creative Solutions & Innovations, www.creative-si.com)
    Blockbuster Videos
    Specialty Ornamentals
    Putri Alam

    What People Are Saying

    Comments We Have Received:

      "I would like to let you know how helpful I have found your publication Kemoshark to be. This past January I was diagnosed with breast cancer. At the age of 37, I have children ages 11, 8, and 4. A cousin who lives in Atlanta sent me a copy of Kemoshark to share with my children. My four-year-old son has benefited the most from this publication. When I felt very nauseated he asked if Kemo Shark was in my tummy; then when the hair loss occurred he said that Kemo Shark ate Mommy's hair. It has been nice to give the side effects a name for him. The two older children have a better understanding that the good cells that are damaged will come back and Mom will be back to normal when the treatments are over. Thank you."
      Parent with Cancer

      "I received the videos and books today that you guys sent over, and they're fantastic! I cried when I watched the video, but I can see how useful it will be for the kids and families that I see - it's excellent. Thanks so much for sending them over; they will be very well used indeed."
      Michelle, Australia

      "Your KemoShark book was a huge help! My kids are handling the much better than we expected. Thanks a million!"
      Lisa, Parent with Cancer

      "I ordered 3 copies of your video and 5 of the Kemo Shark books for our hospital's cancer information resource center. The quality of these two resources is very high. The video will be a great resource to our patients and their children. Thank you for making such fine aids for those children whose parents are coping with cancer."
      Robbie, Oncology nurse

      "I think that your focus on kids in this situation deserves an ovation. This disease not only affects the individual with it, but the ENTIRE family. I think many people don't realize that. Thank you."

      "My name is April. I do not have cancer but my best friend does. I think that by reading your book it has brought us to a better understanding of what kemo is doing for him. Any ways I would like to thank you for making this web site. P.S. I am 13."
      April, Friend of child with cancer

      "I am an oncology nurse at Egleston Children's Hospital and I am glad to have copies of Kemo Shark. What a great way to educate children about chemotherapy! Thank you for providing a much needed resource to our children with cancer."
      Carla, Oncology nurse

      "Thank you for the copies of "Kemoshark" and "My Mother Has Breast Cancer" that I requested from your website. Both were very informative and insightful educational materials. Although I am a 24-year-old "child" of a mother who's recently been diagnosed with breast cancer and who will be undergoing a mastectomy and chemotherapy in the near future, I identified with some of the same fears and anxieties as the children in your exceptional video. Please continue to inform and inspire others as you have done for me and thanks again."
      Claire, Adult child of cancer patient